Boys' Bowling

Boy's Bowlers Place 5th in the State Meet

Boy's Bowlers Place 5th in the State Meet
 The SE Polk boys varsity bowling team ( Cody Howard, Payton Roberts, Nick McDermot, Cameron Young, Kyle Maschke, Justin Paterson and alternate Alex Agan) participated in the 2016 State Bowling Tournament at Plaza Lanes and finished in 5th place out of 7.
The Rams were led by senior Cameron Young with a 199-255 total of 454 followed by, senior Nick McDermott's 221-201 total of 422, junior Kyle Maschke's 180-225 total of 405, senior Cody Howard's 169-234 total of 403, sophomore Payton Robert's 165-188 total of 353 and senior Justin Paterson's 209-141 total of 350.  Cameron Young finished in 6th individually.
 Finishes and totals:
  Cedar Falls                  3230
  Dubuque Hempstead    3085
  Davenport North           3026
  Marshalltown                3014
  SE Polk                       2999
  Johnston                      2973
  Waukee                       2752
  Cameron Young      6th overall
  Nick McDermott     15th overall
  Kyle Maschke         19th overall
  Cody Howard          25th overall
  Payton Roberts       39th overall
  Justin Paterson       41st overall