Fan Conduct Code

Fan Conduct


Spectators are permitted to attend school sponsored or approved activities only as guests of the school district, and, accordingly as a condition of such permission, they must comply with the school district's rules and policies. Spectators will not be allowed to interfere with the enjoyment of the students participating, other spectators or with the performance of employees and officials supervising the school sponsored or approved activity. Spectators, like the student participants, are expected to display mature behavior and sportsmanship. The failure of spectators to do so is not only disruptive but embarrassing to the students, the school district and the entire community.

To protect the rights of students to participate without fear of interference, and to permit the sponsors and officials of sponsored or approved activities to perform their duties without interference, the following provisions are in effect:

*Abusive, verbal or physical conduct of spectators directed at participants, officials or sponsors of sponsored or approved activities or at other spectators will not be tolerated.

*Verbal or physical conduct of spectators that interferes with the performance of students, officials or sponsors of sponsored or approved activities will not be tolerated.

*The use of vulgar, or obscene or demeaning expressions directed at students, officials or sponsors participating in a sponsored or approved activity or at other spectators will not be tolerated.

If a spectator at a sponsored or approved activity becomes physically or verbally abusive, uses vulgar, obscene demeaning expressions, or in any way impedes the performance of an activity, the spectator may be removed from the event by the individual in charge of the event and the superintendent may recommend the exclusion of the spectator at future sponsored or approved activities.  

Upon recommendation of the superintendent, the board shall cause a notice of exclusion from sponsored or approved activities to be sent to the spectator involved. The notice shall advise the spectator of the school district's right to exclude the individual from school district activities and events and the duration of the exclusion. If the spectator disobeys the school official or district's order, law enforcement authorities may be contacted and asked to remove the spectator. If a spectator has been notified of exclusion and thereafter attends a sponsored or approved activity, the spectator shall be advised that his/her attendance will result in prosecution.


Pet Policy


Except as otherwise stated herein, no pets are permitted at Southeast Polk venues. Any persons found with pet at an event will be removed from the premises. However, this policy shall comply with the provisions of Iowa Code 216C. As such, a person with a disability or a person training an assistive animal has the right to be accompanied by a service dog or an assistive animal, under control. The person is liable for damage done to any premises or facility by a service dog or assistive animal. A "service dog" means a dog specially trained at a recognized training facility to assist a person with a disability, whether described as a service dog, guide dog, hearing dog, support dog, independence dog, or otherwise. An "assistive animal" means a simian or other animal specially trained or in the process of being trained under the auspices of a recognized training facility to assist a person with a disability.


Alcohol and Tobacco Policy


Alcohol and tobacco products are strictly prohibited on school grounds.

Section 123.46 of the Iowa Code States:

A person shall not possess or consume alcoholic liquors, wine or beer on public school property or while attending a public or private school-related function. A person shall not be intoxicated or simulate intoxication in a public place. A person violating this subsection is guilty of a simple misdemeanor.